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Geovison CCTV

GeovisionAbout Geovison ..

GeoVision’s award winning software offers a multitude of features including advanced video analytics such as Object Counting, Face Detection, PTZ Auto Tracking and Crowd Detection.

Geovision's Digital Surveillance Series has been designed with the user in mind. Based around PC Based technology Geovision's Surveillance System can be used on up to 32 analogue or IP cameras. The Multicam system, from Geovision, uses built-in motion detect technology and can be set to record only moving objects saving disk space and makes finding footage much quicker.

The Geovision systems then store these with a date and time stamp. These CCTV images are compressed onto the PC's Hard Disk. Geovision CCTV images can then be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection or on your PC, Mobile, Tablet or Laptop.

One of the main advantages over a standard DVR is that the Geovision software is very configurable for engineers and end users with hundreds of advanced options not available on typical recorder.  This means that the system can be fine tuned for maximum performance, coverage and ease of use.  The Geovision playback system is one of the best on the market, making finding footage quick and simple.  This can be easily edited and then backed up to CD, DVD, email or Memory Stick.
As the Geovision system cannot be fully appreciated until you see and use for yourself, we can offer a free demonstration of this software and camera at your premises. 
Geovision offer a range of hardware and can be used for simple small domestic systems to more complex high end commercial applications.   

The GeoVision Digital Surveillance solution offers more than camera surveillance.Other software solutions including Remote Monitoring and EPOS Integration are also available, making GeoVision the only surveillance solution you will ever need.

We have been using Geovision for over 12 years now and have hardware of similar age still working! It has proven to be a reliable robust system, with constant upgrades and improvements. We are yet to find an alternative system which we feel is better for security installations.






ip-camNew HD Geovision IP cameras up to 5 Mega Pixels images in Stunning HD Quality



Geovision Main System

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